A SCHOOL in Bewdley has sent out a public warning after reports some of its students had taken part in anti-social behaviour and vandalism.

The Bewdley School, on Stourport Road, posted a message on Facebook yesterday (Thursday, November 14) as a "preventative measure" to remind students to behave in a responsible manner when travelling to and from school.

The post says that reports have been made to the school concerning the "poor conduct" of its students, including littering, anti-social behaviour and vandalism.

The post says the school, which has circulated the message to parents and carers, is working "extremely closely" with police and the Bewdley community on the issue.

The message warns: "In the spirit of joint enterprise, if students are involved in incidents regardless of whether they have actively participated, they may also be sanctioned or prosecuted."

Parents and carers have been asked by the school to discuss the importance of behaving appropriately when travelling to and from the school with their children.

The Bewdley School has been approached for further comment.