A multi-faith group in Ludlow is urging people to think carefully before deciding how to vote in the general election next week.

Since 2011, a Churches’ Together Group, Ludlow under Pressure, has worked to bring a Christian response to national politics and their effect on Ludlow.

They have identified seven major concerns in this pre-Christmas election.

‘The moral issues in this election are enormous,” said Neil Richardson, chair of Ludlow Under Pressure

“What we decide will have far-reaching implications for us all. We need the deep-rooted wisdom and hope which Christians and people of other faiths believe are to be found, above all, in our Creator, God.”

They have identified major concerns in this pre -Christmas election.

“Our Planet: we are at the point of no return, yet with a responsibility to show stewardship for the earth and God’s creation.

“Our democracy is under strain, political debate polarised and aggressive. We need practical suggestions to ensure all are heard, and no-one left behind or forgotten. What can we do in Ludlow to come together?

“Our country is deeply unequal, with many disadvantaged – especially in housing. Austerity has led to even greater inequality.

“Shropshire has its inequalities. Along the M54 corridor area there are hotspots of development and in the western area near stagnation. How do we try to achieve greater parity?

“Locally we are an ageing population. How do we reinvigorate and refresh our community? And what needs to be done for the younger generation, deprived of youth services and effective mental health services, disadvantaged in housing?

“Our Unjust Unequal World: Millions still live on the verge of starvation. How can we help them? It is unnecessary – and cruel – to cut the foreign aid budget.

“Brexit. It’s time to respect each other’s views, balance national interests and outgoing internationalism, work towards a

greater realism about our future.”