CONSERVATIVE Sajid Javid has thanked the people of Bromsgrove for re-electing him as MP for a fourth time.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer received a total of 34,408 votes, beating Labour's Rory Shannon, who got 11,302, Liberal Democrat Dr David Nicholl, who received 6,779 and Kevin White from the Green Party, who got 1,783 votes.

The turnout at this years election was 73 per cent, roughly the same as the previous election in 2017.

After being declared MP, Mr Javid said: "It's my fourth election victory here and that's only because of the faith they put in me time and time again.

"I will continue to work for them and do everything that I can to represent them."

He said that the British public have chosen a "path forward of unity that will bring the whole country together."

"We want to move forward Brexit and get that done, but also focus on the priorities that the British people have, keeping our economy strong and giving working people financial security."

Mr Shannon thanked Bromsgrove District Council, calling the election "fair."

Dr Nicholl highlighted that it's "vital" British citizens hold the next government to account.

Mr Smith raised concerns about the planet, animal welfare and social justice.