JUBILANT Tories gave Labour the blues returning massive majorities across the Black Country.

The Tories made history taking the Dudley North seat for the first time since it was created with their candidate Marco Longhi.

In Halesowen and Rowley Regis Conservative MP James Morris was re-elected with a massive majority and in Stourbridge Suzanne Webb won for the Tories with another huge majority.

In Dudley South MP Mike Wood was re-elected for the Tories, winning with a huge majority of 15,565.

Dudley North had been a highly contested seat as the 2017 election proved, with the Conservatives losing by just 22 votes.

Mr Longhi has turned the seat blue with a victory for the Conservative Party, winning with a majority of 11,000.

The result will be seen as a major victory and a vindication for leave voters in Dudley and a disaster for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.

A triumphant Mr Longhi said: “A big thank you to those who put their faith in me at the polls and what a fantastic result for those that want to see Brexit done.

"Now we will clearly have a functioning Conservative majority government, we can move forward as a united country and unleash its full potential.

"This victory is great for our robust economy – this will ensure new investments and jobs flow into Dudley and beyond.”

"It will be an honour to serve the capital of the Black Country, but this is not only my victory, but that of the people who have made it clear they want to see the Brexit deadlock resolved and deliver the change they voted for in 2016.

"It means we can move on to other important issues – a record cash boost for our fantastic NHS, 20,000 more police officers, levelling up funding in our schools and keeping our economy strong to fund the public services on which we all rely.”

James Morris MP for Halesowen and Rowley Regis was delighted after increasing his majority.

He said: "It was a very positive campaign I ran in Halesowen and Rowley Regis, focussing on the issues that really matter to people.

"It's been a very good night."

Suzanne Webb, who stood for the first time in Stourbridge for the Conservative after former MP Margot James withdrew from the race, said: "Absolutely fantastic.

"I'm actually thrilled more than anything because we have delivered exactly what Stourbridge wanted and that is someone who is a member of parliament who is going to deliver Brexit."

Mike Wood, MP for Dudley South, also increased his majority.

He said: "I'm obviously delighted at the result - it's been a great honour to be MP for Dudley South for the last four and a half years. It's an even bigger honour to be re-elected for another term - there's so many people putting their trust in me and it's really, really humbling knowing that I now have to earn and re-pay that trust."

The turnouts including postal votes were 59 per cent in Dudley North, 61 per cent in Dudley South, 62 per cent in Halesowen and Rowley Regis and a high of 66 per cent in Stourbridge.