PLANS have been lodged to build four semi-detached houses in the grounds of Linney House in Ludlow.

Eight years ago, an application was made for four homes but since then this has been revised to three and then eight but now it is back to four.

The development is on the banks of the River Corve.

Andy Boddington, Shropshire councillor for Ludlow North, says that a new flood risk assessment is needed.

“The flood risk assessment is based on the Teme which is 600 metres (660 yards) downstream of the site and around two metres lower.

“This states the minimum ground level of the development will be 2.19m above modelled flood level of the Teme.

“That is not relevant. In October, the Corve was at a height of 3.7m.

“That potentially threatens one of the planned homes with flooding.

“A new flood risk assessment is needed based on local conditions.

“The Teme is relevant to this site. If water levels in the Teme are very high, then water will back up along the Corve increasing flooding.

“Much like high water levels on the Corve can cause Fishmore Brook to back up, threatening some houses in Summerfields and Mayfields. But the Teme is not suitable as a reference model for understanding flooding potential at Linney House. It is a different river and too far away.

“The Corve Stage Gauge is upstream from Ludlow near Elm Lodge. This logged a record level of 5.22m during the July 2007 floods.

“But this level of water is now highly unlikely after the rebuilding of Burway Bridge.

“During the last year, the gauge has registered a range of water levels between 0.86m and 3.43m according to the river levels website.

“I grabbed a snapshot of the Corve hitting a level of about 3.7m on October 26.”

Guidance is given about building within flood plains and areas considered to be at risk from flooding near to rivers and streams.