HERE is a list of crimes that have taken place in Worcestershire this week.

A café and studio in Bransford near Worcester was broken into during the night of January 23. Windows have been smashed to gain entry. It is not yet known what items were taken.

If you have information that you believe may be connected, please contact the Police on 101, quoting the OIS incident reference 0105S 230120.


The rear windscreen of a vehicle was smashed between the afternoon of January 22 and January 23 in Swallow Place, Droitwich.

Anyone with information should call 101 and quote the reference number: 0191S230120

Offenders broke into a utility room of a house. Access was not gained to the main house and nothing was stolen. The incident occurred between midnight on 8:30 on January 20 at Percheron Way, Droitwich.

The reference number is: 0128S230120

Someone broke into a van in Shepherds Place, and stole four Stihl chainsaws, a climbing kit, rope and harness, whilst the owner was working nearby.

The incident happened between 9:15am and 9:45am on January 1.

The reference number is: 0175S230120.

On January 20, three dust caps were stolen from a vehicle parked in Meadow Road, Droitwich. The dust caps are described as blue aluminium in the shape of hand grenades with pins on them.

Dust caps were also stolen from another vehicle at the residence, last week. Three men and a woman were spotted in the area at the time, just before 6pm. Meanwhile between January 19 and January 20 £100 of fuel was stolen from a vehicle. The theft took place in Cutnall Green, near Droitwich. Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101, quoting 0028N for the dust cap theft, or 0625S for the fuel theft.


Between January 19 and 21 an unknown offender smashed the out pane of glass in a garage window.

Access was not gained inside the property, in Babylon Lane, Bishampton, police have said.

Meanwhile, overnight between January 20 and the early hours of January 21, an unknown offender stole

the catalytic converters from six or seven vehicles.

The theft took place in Lone Lane, Throckmorton.

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101, quoting 0231S for the Babylon Lane incident, and 0132S for the Long Lane incident.

A service station was also targeted by criminals.

A curtain was cut four times and the person stole a unit out of the box of dishwasher tablets. This happened between 7pm on January 22 and 6am on January 20. Anyone with information should call 101 and quote the reference number 0081S230120.

At 3am on January 23 a lorry driver found that three pallets of chocolates had been stolen.

The reference number is 0057S230120.


Heavy stone ornaments in the form of mushrooms have been removed from a garden and dumped by a church gate in Birtsmorton. The garden lawn has been damage in the process. This happened during the night of January 23. The reference number is 0318S 230120.

During the same night a mountain bike was stolen from a shed in Como Road. It is orange EV08 with a mud guard and is worth about £1200.

The reference number is 0274S 230120.