A NINE-year-old who starred in the film Cats with Rebel Wilson and Dame Judi Dench says performing is her passion.

Olivia Brooks who trained in singing and dancing at Academy Theatre Arts in Worcester played one of the mouse sisters the in film and went to New York to attend the world premiere.

Olivia said: "We had to sing and dance at the same time, and act in certain parts. It was really fun."

"My character is a kind of cheeky, excited character, really bubbly and does whatever Jennyanydots (the cat in charge played by Rebel Wilson) says."

Olivia said the most exciting part of the process was going to Warner Brothers Studios.

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"It was really exciting seeing how it all works. We saw a green screen."

"We wore different big blue cat suits which had orange diamonds, and fur to make us look like mice. I had pink shoes with a flower on and a crocheted jacket, and a little paper hat with a big bow."

Olivia has also starred in the stage production of Nativity where she played Belle and understudied various characters. The show toured for two months and there were two shows a day. The musical starred Sharon Osbourne, Danny Dyer and Rylan Clark-Neal.

When Olivia is not performing she attends Franche Community Primary School, Kidderminster. She said she has no trouble fitting her education in around her performing arts work.

Olivia was signed up with Stagebox, a performing arts training model aged 7.

Stagebox auditions thousands of children each year in theatres across the country and trains company members during the school holidays. Olivia goes to London in the holidays for training and is managed by the company.

Olivia said she wants to continue to pursue a career in performing as she gets older. "I love it" she said.

The next Stagebox auditions are at Bristol Old Vic on March 8 and Birmingham Hippodrome on March 15. Visit stageboxmusicaltheatre.co.uk/book-audition