A TEENAGE girl feared she would be raped during an alleged alleyway sex attack while an ‘older woman’ says she was sexually assaulted by the same man as she lay asleep in bed, a court heard.

Daniel Edwards, 28, of Langdale Drive, Warndon, Worcester, denies two counts of assault by penetration and a third count of trespass with intent to commit a sexual offence. All three offences are said by the prosecution to have taken place in Warndon, Worcester as his trial began at the city’s crown court yesterday.

The first assault is said to have taken place in a Warndon alleyway when the alleged victim was 13 or 14 years old on a date between November 21, 2008 and November 21, 2011.

Though he accepts he entered the home of the second complainant, a woman in her 40s, he denies that any sexual assault took place on a date between May 31 and September 1, 2013.

The first complainant said she was smoking a cigarette outside Pizza Allegro in Cranham Drive when he she saw the defendant, whom she described as ‘paralytic’, and he asked to borrow her bike.

Now an adult, she said she told Edwards the bike did not belong to her but agreed to give him a ‘backie’, telling a police officer how he sexually assaulted her in an alleyway. She described pulling away and Edwards trying to drag her into some bushes and saying he intended to have sex with her. The complainant, who cannot be identified, said in her video-recorded interview: “I said ‘no, no, no, please no’. I was saying ‘please no, can you get off me?’”

She described him throwing the bike on the ground and how she started to panic. “It was like he weren’t taking no for an answer,” she said.

Speaking to a police officer, the woman said ‘he didn’t say sorry, it was a mistake, I got the wrong end of the stick’, adding: “He didn’t care. He wanted sex.”

“I did give him my number because I was scared. It was only through fear,”she said.

Laura Culley, prosecuting, said of the alleged attack: “She felt very scared and thought she was going to be raped.”

When the complainant later heard that Edwards had been assaulted and had two black eyes she said: “I was thinking, in the back of my head, ‘good’.”

The second complainant, who described herself as old enough to be the defendant’s mother, had left her kitchen window open and woke up in her bed to find Edwards, minus his trousers, sexually assaulting her.

She said she swore at and asked him: “What are you doing?”

The woman said he replied: “I thought you wanted this.”

The alleged victim said she told him she did not want it and to get out, having previously told him: “I’m old enough to be your mother.”

In interview Edwards denied having anything to do with the girl he is accused of assaulting as she gave him a backie. Edwards accepted going into the home of the second complainant uninvited, referring to her as ‘good for her age’, telling police he had been locked out of his own house. Edwards told officers he climbed in through the kitchen window and was ‘simply looking for somewhere to stay’.

“He denies completely that he sexually assaulted her” said Miss Culley.

The trial continues.