THE alleged victim in a Worcester child rape case gave evidence against her 'attacker' over videolink, telling a jury she was 'scared' of him.

The complainant said Wayne Russell first assaulted her in an alleyway near a school off Green Lane when she was nine or 10 years old. She claims Russell raped her three more times - in Cripplegate Park, Brickfields Park and at his Tolladine flat. The 49-year-old of Lilac Avenue, Tolladine, denies four counts of rape as his trial continued at Worcester Crown Court yesterday. The rapes are said to have taken place between January 2010 and January 2016 when the complainant was under the age of 16.

Simon Phillips, prosecuting, took the complainant through a series of aerial photographs so she could point out to the jury where she said the rapes happened.

Jason Aris, for Russell, said: "Did he really have sex with you in the alleyway?" "Yes" replied the complainant.

He asked her if she was 'frightened' of Russell and she replied 'yeah'. Mr Aris asked her, if this was the case, 'why did you go to the park (Brickfields) with Wayne?' She said it was because 'he went to the shop for me'. The barrister asked her how long the two had been in the park before Russell got on top of her and she answered 'I don't remember'. Mr Aris asked her if she screamed and she replied 'no'.

As previously reported the complainant was found alone and drunk in the park and police and the ambulance service were called. "Was there any reason you didn't tell the police?" said Mr Aris, referring to the alleged rape.

"I was scared" she said.

Mr Aris said: "Why did you go to Cripplegate Park with Wayne if you were frightened of him?"

"Because I didn't want to go on my own" she said.

Mr Aris asked why she had gone to Russell's Tolladine flat where the last alleged rape on the indictment was said to have taken place. The complainant, who said she had been 14 or 15 at the time, answered that she had 'run away' from home and had 'nowhere else to go'. Mr Aris asked her why, after speaking to a sexual health nurse, the complainant had not disclosed the alleged rapes. I thought she would have told my nan" she replied.

"Wayne says he has never had sex with you at all. Did he really have sex with you?" said Mr Aris. She answered that he had.

The trial continues.