SHROPSHIRE Council wants to make changes to residents parking permits.

Last September, Shropshire Council consulted on changes to the parking regime introduced in Ludlow in November 2018 and at various dates around the county.

Now, it wants to introduce changes to permits for season tickets and residents permits.

The changes are technical,” according to Andy Boddington, Shropshire councillor for Ludlow North.

“They will increase flexibility and better suit local needs,” he said

The council is also consulting on providing on-street permits for holiday lets within Ludlow’s Blue and Red Zones

Each car park across the county has a quota for

residents permits and a separate quota for season ticket holders. However, demand has been higher for season tickets than residents permits. The new consultation proposes combining the quotas for permits.

“Holiday let owners in Ludlow have been unable to obtain on-street permits for their guests under the new regime,” added Mr Boddington.

“This is hitting bookings because people do not want to park their vehicle a long way from the property they have rented.

“Although parking restrictions do not apply after 6pm in the town centre, no one wants to interrupt a leisurely holiday breakfast to move their car or buy a ticket at 8am.”

The new plan is to allow Ludlow holiday let owners to buy a single on-street permit for each property at a cost of £100 a year.

“Residents who live in the ginnels off Lower Galdeford – Warrington Gardens, Pynfold Gardens and Packer Court – have not been able to get permits for the Blue Zone,” Mr Boddington said.

Car parking is a highly contentious issue in Ludlow with traders saying the ability to park and ‘pop and shop’ is vital to business which they say has been damaged since changes were introduced in November 2018