AGE UK Worcester and District is appealing for help to donate to its Coronavirus Emergency Appeal.

The appeal will help older people who desperately need support during the pandemic.

Clare Thomas, chief executive said: “As a community we are all facing an invisible threat and it is older people who are at the greatest risk.

“We understand and support the need for our older population to stay safe by remaining at home – but this has huge implications for everyone, especially those who are already struggling to cope and who are very much on their own.

“The reality is that in the weeks and months ahead older people are going to need Age UK Worcester and District even more. Please help us to help others – together we can make a big difference and help them to get through this terrible time.”

Ms Thomas added: “Evidence from around the world shows clearly that it is older people, especially from the age of 70 upwards, who are most likely to become very seriously ill and even die if they contract the Coronavirus.

“This is why the Government advice is that people in this age group, as well as others, need to be extremely cautious and stay at home for a period of time from now on. It is also important to remember that significant numbers are already dealing with multiple difficulties, such as unmet care needs, chronic ill health, disability and loneliness.

“There is a very real risk that this health emergency makes these challenges intolerably worse.

“In addition, older people are watching television coverage of supermarkets cleared out of basic foodstuffs and wondering how they will manage to get by. Some older people are fortunate and have family and friends to help, and there is no doubt that many communities are rising to the challenge and rallying round to offer support.

“But our biggest worry is for those older people who are on their own, who do not have family and friends nearby or at all.

“The telephone and community support will be utterly crucial for them in the deeply challenging months to come – it may literally be all that they will have to rely on.

“We have seen a huge spike in demand for our services over the last few days and yet our income is under severe threat.”

If you can help or if you need help call Age UK Worcester and District on 01905 724294, visit the website: or email