CHILDREN around Worcester have been showing their appreciation towards NHS staff by creating colourful rainbows in lots of different ways.

Four-year-old Quinn Mooney painted stones in a rainbow pattern with the help from his mum, Cara Mooney. It took the pair 10 days to finish the artwork, which they did during the hour a day they spent as part of their daily exercise.

Miss Mooney, from Norton, Worcester said: “My boy is so proud of our rainbow. It was a good project that kept us entertained for an hour a day. Since the lockdown we haven’t left our flat since that Sunday two weeks ago. It’s all in support of the NHS.”

She added: “I’m a single mum so it’s just the two of us and with the weather being nice and us not having a back garden I let Quinn out on the front little space we have. He just kept filling his little beach bucket and Halloween bucket with the stones off there to let him get some fresh air.”

Roxanne Wall, Sophia Wall and Tilly-Rose Wall have been busy painting their house with flour, water and food colouring to show support for all key workers in Worcestershire during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mum Emma Wall, from Worcester, said: “They wanted to show the delivery guys and teachers their support and thank them for their work."

Five-year-old Oliver Tew, from Droitwich, has transformed his bedroom and garden with rainbows.

Mum Sam Tew said: “Our saying is after every storm there is a rainbow.”