HEREFORDSHIRE Council has been criticised online, despite actually telling people to stay at home.

A Twitter post sent out by Herefordshire Council yesterday (Friday) morning stated: What are you up to this weekend? Why not find out below:

Chose a number between one and nine, multiple it by three, add three, multiple by three again, add the two digit number you get together.

  1. Take a picture from the Old Bridge; 2. Visit the Cathedral; 3. Go for a shop around Ross lables; 4. Have a picnic by the river; 5. Visit Ledbury market house; 6. Take a stroll through Queens Wood; 7. Take a day trip to Hay on Wye; 8. Visit the Black and White house museum; 9. Stay home; 10. Go canoeing at Symonds Yat; 11. Play in the park; 12. Go camping.


The answer to the riddle is always nine but has been wrongly interpreted by some residents as suggesting a visit to the places listed.

Current Government guidelines amid the Covid-19 pandemic is only to make ‘essential travel’ and for people to stay at home.

Residents left comments on Twitter criticising the post, one said: ‘Pretty sure a few of those suggestions aren’t allowed with the current lockdown restrictions.’