HEREFORD chairman Andrew Graham has called for an emergency general meeting of the Hereford United Supporters’ Trust (HUST) following a breakdown in dialogue between the trust and the Bulls’ board.

A fortnight ago he called for the Hereford FC board and HUST board to have a virtual joint board meeting to ‘pull in the same direction’ and on another occasion has stated ‘once again I hold out the olive branch.’

However, after receiving no dialogue from the trust Graham says: “I can no longer sit silent in the hope that requests for HUST and HFC to work closer together will be grasped by HUST.

“Numerous calls for constructive HFC and HUST dialogue have failed to attract a response. I do not receive responses or dialogue from the HUST Chair and, during this exceptionally difficult period in its history, at a time when all supporters need to be represented effectively, I am at a complete loss as to the rationale for this!”

Graham says he has made a ‘final desperate attempt to resolve matters and open communication’ and advised HUST that he would seek an EGM to ensure that fans received ‘transparency’.

He added: “I have met a wall of silence!

“I want fans to have a real voice, I want HUST to be community focused, I would like HUST to truly represent the majority of fans and therefore would like everyone possible, who isn’t a member currently, to join HUST, I want to call a HUST EGM where I will be proposing a vote of no confidence in the current HUST Board.

“It is time for this incessant, and damaging, conflict and lack of response or dialogue from HUST to end if this club is to make progress as a real fan-owned club!”

Graham has urged fans who support his call for a HUST EGM to email him at:

Graham has been chairman of the Bulls board for the past year and is also a HUST nominated director (HND).

He says that being in his position was a chance for both boards to come together, but this hasn’t happened.

“I was honoured to be chosen by HUST as an HND in 2018, taking a fantastic portfolio of community on the Hereford FC board,” added Graham.

“To be voted as chairman a little over a year later, I was under no illusion about the hard work that needed to continue.

“This year was a great opportunity for HFC and HUST Boards to work together, and it would be remiss of me in my capacity as chairman of HFC and as a HND not to be transparent with supporters to communicate to them why this has not taken place, and to further allow them an opportunity to examine the reasons for HUST’s avoidance of responding to communications.”

In April, Graham urged for fractions of the club to band together during the break in income caused by the coronavirus.

However, he says that has received no response from HUST from his request for the parties for work together.

He added: “Unfortunately, I have previously had to air my frustrations at a lack of support and communication with HUST.

“Whilst I have received an apology for this, the article naturally raised some concerns and prompted some fans to rightly call for a ‘united front,’ ‘dialogue’ and a ‘meeting of minds.

“I am all for that! I have requested a ‘meeting of minds,’ progressive dialogue with full HUST and HFC boards contributing.

“I have received no response to both requests for this to take place. I am also trying to get the matter of the recent HND nomination resolved but have not had responses from the nominee in recent weeks to enable me to progress this.”

HUST confirmed today that they had paid another £5,000 to the football club for the purchase of shares taking their fan ownership to £225,000, paying for 43.8% of shares in the football club.

Of this total paid £116,445 (51.8%) came from net surplus from the 50/50 matchday draw whilst 48.2% was from other fundraising.

HUST have a target of £289,000 by May 31, 2020, to own 50% of the Hereford FC share capital.

Today HUST have criticised the club for taking the 50/50 draw in-house from next season.

HUST stated in a press release: “It only appears to be a political decision, making no economic sense and looking to slow or block the agreed HUST acquisition of 50% of the shares.”

Despite the fundraising efforts Graham said that the club would be ‘even stronger’ if they were working together with the Hereford FC board.

He added: “I noted that the club have received a further £5,000 for the purchase of shares and I cannot thank the fans who have contributed, and those that have made this happen, enough.

“However, purchasing shares and collectively working towards progress are two different matters and we would be even stronger if we were to be, working together.

“I have desperately attempted to open dialogue with HUST, through the chair and to officers/volunteers on the HUST Board and I have pleaded with the other current HND to get this ridiculous situation sorted out for the benefit of the club.

“No organisation or individual is bigger than this club and I will not allow a situation such as this to damage the club, as it is, and as it will continue to do so if unchecked.

“There is a lot still to do at HFC if we are to be structured in such a way as to make the future easier to navigate and if we are to achieve our dream of sustainability and Football League status.

“The pressures placed upon the professional and personal lives of anyone who undertakes a director role continue to take their toll.

“The constant and subliminal criticism of actions, whilst being fully aware of the reasoning, do not warrant the barrage of press releases without first perhaps entering into dialogue. This is not conducive to a healthy relationship.

“When combined with the absence of HUST support for me as a HND, the lack of communication from the HUST chair and the silence regarding the desire for progress through a combined HUST/ HFC meeting, along with many other matters we currently face, tells me that the relationship between myself and the HUST board needs sorting out for the better, right now, and to do that, there must be constructive dialogue! It is insufferable that we are at this position!”