Apart from the evidence of an absence of integrity at the centre of our Government, there are serious consequences to Number 10 adviser Dominic Cummings not resigning or being sacked:

  • The police were already struggling to interpret the rules and to administer them. What do they do now, as apparently we should trust our “instinct”? - unclear law is bad law and undermines social stability.
  • A worse, second, wave of coronavirus, as people decide that they too will go with their own instinct and personal wishes rather than doing the right thing. People will die because of this.
  • The sense that we are all in this together and should pull together for the good of all is now destroyed. Vulnerable people will now be put at greater risk.
  • Thousands of families have found themselves faced with a similar childcare dilemma,  but they have bitten the bullet, struggled through and stuck to the rules, at huge cost to their own wellbeing.

This is a message from the Government about coronavirus: "Do not leave home if you or anyone else in your household is showing symptoms.”

How much clearer can it be?

What are our Herefordshire MPs doing about this?

Hilary Smallwood
Wynds Poynt