A BOUTIQUE has launched a new clothing range for severely disabled children in a bid to support affected parents across Worcestershire.

Charlotte Evans, founder of Lulah Rayne Boutique which was set up in 2018, was inspired to create the adapted clothing after being contacted by mum Amy Mills, whose three-year-old daughter Polly has a rare brain condition, which affects only 4,000 girls worldwide.

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Polly has been diagnosed with Aicardi-Syndrome, also suffers from epilepsy, is non-verbal, non-mobile, is only fed via a tube, visually impaired, hearing impaired, has cysts on her brain, her hips haven’t formed properly and she is high risk scoliosis.

Amy asked Charlotte about a handmade romper which could be adapted to help feeding through her G-Tube easier and more accessible.

Charlotte, aged 32, from Worcester but who now lives in Castlemorton, said: “After Amy contacted me it made me think, is there a need for this? Is there a problem here which we could potentially solve?

“I started to research the illness online and discovered that there are no other markets out there for this adapted clothing. I also came across other illnesses that would benefit from this clothing.

“We discussed what we could produce, Amy put her trust in Lulah Rayne and gave us the measurements. We sketched out some ideas and finally came up with the handmade adapted romper which we chose to call the ‘Polly Romper’ after Polly who inspired us to create this.”

Amy said: “Like any mum I want to dress my girl up nicely. When she has a feeding tube in her tummy it means it’s difficult to change her when we’re out.

“It’s difficult to change her discreetly but the romper has allowed Polly to feel inclusive and wear nice clothes that other children wear. It’s amazing.”