THE Advertiser is stepping in to help the independent businesses of Ludlow and Tenbury Wells bounce back from the coronavirus lockdown.

We know they are a treasured part of our communities, and that contribute immeasurably to the vitality of our town centres.

So we want to give them this helping hand.

We are launching a new feature called Trader of the Week. It will be a chance for both owners and appreciative customers to showcase local businesses in print and online to the Advertiser's large audience.

We're looking, in particular, for enterprises that go the extra mile to serve their customers, possibly by coming up with innovative ways for counter the challenges of the coronavirus crisis.

Nominations can include service businesses, shops or even a favourite market stall.

To send in your nomination for Trader of the Week just fill in our simple online form here:

Trader of the Week has been launched as part of our Love Local Business campaign.

We are championing everyone from sole traders to major employers as lockdown restrictions are eased and life gets back to some kind of normal.

We are asking people to spend their money in local shops whenever they can, and sing the praises of local businesses to family and friends, and on social media.

On our part we will be banging the drum loudly and proudly for them at every opportunity.

It is widely accepted that the lockdown has forced a fundamental re-think of the way firms advertise, as well as dramatically accelerating the shift to online. With that in mind, our team of digital marketing experts will be helping to guide them through this complex area.

  • For information about marketing advice from Advertiser experts contact Duncan Hardman. Email or call 01432 845840.