SCHOOLS in Redditch will benefit from a funding boost which will see classrooms expanded and facilities upgraded.

The town has been allocated its share of a £434 million investment, which aims to improve the education of children across the whole country.

It’s been announced that Ridgeway Academy, The Vaynor First School and the Kingfisher School will all benefit from this funding.

This funding will ensure schools have well-maintained facilities to provide students with safe environments that support a high-quality education.

It is part of the £1.4 billion of capital funding for 2020-21 announced in April and is provided through the Condition Improvement Fund (CIF).

Redditch MP Rachel Maclean has welcomed the announcement. She said: “I went into politics because I believe every child, no matter their background, deserves access to a first-class education.

"Success in life shouldn't be a postcode lottery or determined by the circumstances you were born in to.

“We’re levelling up Redditch by using this funding for schools in the town which will help ensure all children have the very best possible schools and education, enabling them to gain all the knowledge and skills they need for success.”