LEE Harman won Malvern Anglers' fifth winter league match at Court Farm pool in Callow End.

After overnight rain cleared during the first part of the match a cold wind set in that made conditions difficult for some.

Once again fishing was patchy with some anglers on one end of the pool catching little while others managed better bags.

Last-time winner Harman led the way with about 10 carp up to 4lb caught on pole-fished maggots to win with a weight of 27lb 7oz from a corner peg.

On the other side of the pool Nigel Bayliss confronted the strong head wind with a catch of eight carp and a perch to finish second with 20-10.

Shaun Taylor in the next peg faced similar conditions to finish with a similar bag of carp weighing 18-14 for third place.

Chris Loveridge managed 15-1, Graham Rees 9-10, Mick Perks 6-2, Dick Oakley 5-7, Frank Edwards 4-13 and Ian Goddard 3-6.