MALVERN Vegan Runners' Paul Millsom headed over to India for the Noida 10k just south of Delhi.

About 130 runners started at 5.30am to avoid the typical mid-day temperatures of 42 degrees.

After three weeks of acclimatising the 32-degree temperature was familiar to 63-year-old Millsom who raced round in joint ninth place while repeatedly soaking himself thanks to the six water stations.

He said: “It was a great experience. Several dozen runners congratulated me afterwards, shook hands and were curious to ask of my age and many insisted on being photographed with me.

"I was treated like a celebrity. And a tasty vegan Indian breakfast was enjoyed by all runners at the finish.”

Three of the club's women raced Bromyard’s Round the Downs with Lesley Ashton taking the second prize in the female super veterans race over 4.5 miles in 39 minutes 38 seconds.

Joanne Baker and Tracey Norris also competed.