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The Best in the Land

There’s an amazing sense of pride when that red rose is pinned against the left pectoral. There’s also pressure, expectation and a reputation to uphold. Some do it better than others. And here is the crème de la crème of English rugby at the moment. We have outlined the top 3 players currently playing for England.

Maro Itoje

At just 24 years old, and coming in at 110 kg and 6ft 4, this guy is certainly no joke. He currently plays for the Saracens as well as for the England international team. He has scored a total of 11 tries (a total of 55 points) for the Saracens, as well as 1 for England (5 points). Although having scored just 1 try for England, he scored a try in every single game he played the England under 20’s during the 2014 Six Nations. He is a flanker, and his speed and agility create opportunities for his team mates. Many regard Itoje as a player who has no real weaknesses.

Owen Farrell

Another Saracens player, Owen Farrell is 27 years old, 6ft 1inch and much lighter than Itoje at 92 kg. Farrell first made his debut for the England international squad in 2012, and has since become the England captain as of 2018. He has scored a total of 8 tries, 102 conversions, 157 penalties and 3 drop goals while playing for England. This earns him a total number of 721 points - quite a remarkable achievement! 

Billy Vunipola

Another young superstar who plays for the Saracens. Vunipola is just 26 years old. He comes in at 6ft 2 and a hefty 130kg. Although born in Australia, Vunipola qualified to play for the England team through residency in the UK. He has played for the Saracens since 2013, and first played for England in 2013. Although Vunipola has had several injuries of late, his stature and team spirit are a vital part of the England international squad and his participation will be ongoing.

While England have missed out on the holy Six Nations trophy for another year, with players like these leading the way they could well get that victory in 2020.