DARREN Robinson has secured his karate black belt at the age of 53.

Robinson joined Malvern's Ultimate Karate three years ago having trained in other martial arts and attaining a brown belt in the same style previously.

He has trained with the club three times per week, improving his fitness and flexibility as well as passing a reassessment for the brown belt and two more grading exams.

The three-hour dan grade exam at Malvern College was passed with flying colours by Robinson under chief instructor Neil Bennett and instructors Scott Marsh and Alex Beasley.

It consisted of wado syllabus, Japanese terminology, kata, kihon, defence, weapons and kumite.

Bennett said: “Rob is an example to everyone. His dedication and commitment to the art is second to none.

"I am proud to have assisted him with reaching his full potential and respect him as a professional martial artist and also as a trusted friend.”

Ultimate Karate have been teaching wado ryu sport karate in Malvern for 22 years.

They train weekly at The Chase School and Dyson Perrins Academy.

For more details, call Bennett on 07801 846055 or email ultimate-karate@hotmail.co.uk.