PAUL Lane won Malvern Anglers' River Severn series opener at Holdfast.

A bright, sunny day greeted competitors but a cold previous night with low, clear river conditions gave little optimism for heavy weights.

The match was dominated by anglers on the two ends of the stretch.

At the upstream Lane used swim feeder with worm and maggot bait to catch a bream of almost 6lb early on.

He continued to catch several skimmer bream with smaller roach and perch for a winning weight of 12lb 4oz.

From the next peg Nigel Bayliss also caught skimmer bream to weigh in 7-1.

But this was narrowly beaten into third place by Lee Harman’s 7-11 of skimmer bream from the last downstream peg.

In the next peg to Harman, Mick Perks managed 7-7.

Dave Stetton caught 4-14, John Wagstaff 3-8, Frank Edwards 1-15, Richie Webster 1-4, Dick Oakley 1-3 and John Shaw 0-12.