FANS of Ledbury Town Football Club are elated after voting to keep their iconic black and white strip ahead of a merger. 

A vote on the new Ledbury Football Club's colours saw fans overwhelmingly vote to keep the heritage of their beloved team. 

Of the 161 fans that voted, 139 opted to move forward with the black and white strip for the merger between Ledbury Town and Ledbury Swifts as opposed to a red and blue kit. 

The announcement of a vote on a potential change was met with backlash on social media. 

(Image: Ledbury Football Club)

One fan said: “Ledbury will always be black and white. 

“How can you change the club's history after so many have played for the club for a few people who never had anything to do with the club into last year?”

Another wrote: “My father played in black and white, as did my brother and his son. 

“l would very much like to see my grandson play in the same colours- change is not always needed.”

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In March, it was confirmed Swifts, which caters for boys and girls across all junior age groups, would be merging with senior team Ledbury Town.

The Swifts colours, red and blue, will continue to be worn by the junior teams that are currently in the middle of their two-year sponsorship cycle. 

Club bosses have also confirmed the red and blue strip won’t disappear completely- instead, they will become Ledbury Football Club’s away colours. 

A joint statement between Ledbury football club chair, Pete Boyle, and the junior chairman, Mike Seabourne, said: “It was great to engage with so many people who are passionate about football.

“Both Swifts and Town received tremendous local support over the history of both clubs. 

“Going forward, our mission as one club is to create an ethos and environment that will deliver a fantastic experience for all of those who want to play football in Ledbury.

“We hope you'll continue to give us your support as we join as Ledbury Football Club.”

The club has also recently unveiled its new crest. 

The circular crest adopted the black and white colours of Ledbury Town club as well as having an image of the market house at its centre.