Discount theatre tickets – great deals for a great night out

Although many believe that nights out at the theatre in London’s West End are too expensive, discount theatre tickets are available which are encouraging non-theatregoers to give it a try.

Discounts of up to 50% are available, and they’re not just last-minute deals. The tickets can be booked up to seven days before the show, allowing you to plan what you go to see in advance of your trip.

The discounted tickets have helped boost theatre visitor numbers, which benefits the theatre itself, as well as the theatregoers.

As one of the biggest theatre districts in the world, the West End of London has attracted the biggest stars to its stages, and discount theatre tickets let more people than ever see these stars in a live setting instead of just on TV or the cinema screen.

Discount tickets are available for shows in prestigious venues such as Drury Lane, The Old Vic and Lyceum Theatre. Enjoying a night out at one of these well-known theatres should involve more than just the show. That’s where the money saved on the ticket price can be put towards a delicious dinner.

Many restaurants in London’s theatre district have pre- and post-theatre menus, with some of their most popular dishes at a discount price, often including a bottle of wine. So you can mix great value for money with great entertainment.

The discount theatre tickets have helped make the theatre a more popular option for young couples, families and, in fact, almost everyone.

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