A family has raised thousands of pounds for Hereford and Ledbury charities after cycling 600 kilometres from coast to coast across France.

The family, dubbed 'Team West', composed of parents Ad and Kate, and their children Tim, 15, Clara, 12, and Barney, 10, completed this challenging endeavour this past summer in scorching temperatures that rose above 40°C.

Cycling up to 65 kilometres a day, their successful journey crossed from the Atlantic coast near Bordeaux to Sete on the Mediterranean coast, passing through a variety of landscapes, varying from agricultural vineyards to historic cities such as Carcassone and Beziers.



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Because of the contributions from their friends, family and community, they raised £2,190, which was then allocated equally amongst three charities chosen by the children.

Tim, the eldest, donated to the Hereford Expedition Group to fund a group of teenagers to take an expedition to Belize for voluntary work in 2024.

Ledbury Reporter: 'Team West' cycled 65 kilometres from the Atlantic coast to the Mediterranean

Clara chose to donate to Ledbury Food Bank, and youngest Barney, who dreams of a career in marine biology, supported the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Mum Kate, who has multiple sclerosis (MS), said: "We are so lucky to live in such a positive, supportive community.

"600km cycling was really tough both physically and mentally, but knowing that people were generously supporting us kept us going through the tough times."

Ledbury Reporter:

The half-term break saw Clara, Barney and their father Ad personally deliver Clara’s share of the raised funds to volunteers at the Ledbury Food Bank.