Herefordshire is braced for heavy snow, blizzards and icy conditions after the Met Office issued an amber weather warning for the West Midlands.

Heavy snow is expected to start falling in the early hours of tomorrow (Friday) with depths of 10-15cm forecast and 25cm or more falling over hills and higher ground.

Blizzard conditions are likely in higher areas and temperatures could be as low as -4°C.

While tempertatures in some parts of Herefordshire plummeted to -5°C last night, some light patchy snow could fall later today when winds are expected to increase. 

There could be more snow on Saturday and again on Monday, increasing the risk of icy conditions.

With the potential for severe disruption around the county, Herefordians are advised to be prepared to change their travel plans and keep a close eye on updates.

Stay safe on the roads - and if you go sledging

With the freezing temperatures set to stay and snow on the way, West Midlands Ambulance Service is asking the public to take a few simple precautions to stay safe and healthy whether they are travelling the snowy roads or heading out with sledges.

“No-one wants to be a misery but although snow and ice can be a huge amount of fun, it can also be quite dangerous,” said a spokesman for the service.

“Every winter we’re called to people who have become injured whilst sledging.

“We would encourage people to just take a second to think about where they are sledging and to have fun safely.

“Clearly playing on frozen lakes and canals can also have tragic consequences if people fall on or through the ice.

“People with existing medical conditions that can be aggravated by cold weather should stay warm and be prepared by making sure they have all their medications, saving any avoidable journeys.”

• Make sure you wrap up warm and wear sensible footwear, helping to avoid slips, trips and falls.

• If the weather takes a turn for the worse, avoid or delay unneccesary journeys.

• If you must to travel by road, allow extra time for your journey and be extra vigilant on icy and snow covered roads.

• If you do need medical treatment but your condition is not life threatening, consider calling your nearest pharmacists, GP, walk in centres, minor injuries units. You can call NHS Direct on 0845 46 47 or ask for advice online at