If you missed Sweeney Todd you missed a treat!

12:34pm Monday 29th September 2014

ANYONE who missed Ledbury Amateur Dramatic Society's latest production of Sweeney Todd – The Demon Barber of Fleet Street missed an absolute treat.

Coffee morning raised almost £250

12:32pm Monday 29th September 2014

A Macmillan coffee and cake morning was held at Aston Drive, Malvern, on Friday, September 26, and a total of £247.37 was raised.

If you missed Sweeney Todd you missed a treat!

12:31pm Monday 29th September 2014

ANYONE who missed Ledbury Amateur Dramatic Society's latest production of Sweeney Todd – The Demon Barber of Fleet Street missed an absolute treat.

If you missed Sweeney Todd you missed a treat!

12:29pm Monday 29th September 2014

ANYONE who missed Ledbury Amateur Dramatic Society's latest production of Sweeney Todd – The Demon Barber of Fleet Street missed an absolute treat.

Long may Malvern Gazette letters continue to entertain

12:23pm Monday 29th September 2014

I JUST loved your letters page last week (September 26).

South Worcester Development plan is dilemma for Liberal Democrat councillors

10:45am Thursday 25th September 2014

THE notorious and ill-fated South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP) once again comes before Malvern Hills District Council next Tuesday evening.

Legacy will be overdevelopment and lost independence

4:17pm Wednesday 24th September 2014

ON the evening of September 23 I was present at a meeting of Leigh and Bransford Parish Council.

Critics of Sling Lane project are right

4:08pm Wednesday 24th September 2014

THE two recent letters referring to the dereliction of Sling Lane Playing Fields are absolutely right (September 5).

We need the right sort of homes in the Teme Valley

3:09pm Tuesday 23rd September 2014

As a resident of the Teme Valley, I’m concerned about the lack of serious local debate about the homes we need in our community when there’s clearly a big problem.

Thanks for finding my bag

3:06pm Tuesday 23rd September 2014

I WOULD just like to express my thanks (again) to the two lovely ladies who found my bag hanging on a Waitrose trolley on September 10.

I see councillor has stepped down from standards committee

2:00pm Tuesday 23rd September 2014

I SEE from the Malvern Hills District Council website that not only has Cllr Melanie Baker stepped down from her position on the standards committee, but her executive colleagues (Cllrs Paul Cumming and Paul Swinburn) have also now stepped down.

It's restored my trust in human nature!

1:56pm Tuesday 23rd September 2014

I WOULD like to say a very sincere thank-you to a Mrs Wardroper for finding her lost bank card that had been dropped in the street, possibly in Barnard’s Green, and for reporting it so promptly.

Children are being a nuisance

1:53pm Tuesday 23rd September 2014

THIS concerns section 161 of the Highways Act which says it is an offence for children to kick footballs on the highway as to cause a nuisance to others.

Prove how infrastructure will be provided for 400 new homes

1:50pm Tuesday 23rd September 2014

REFERRING to Les Williamson’s letter (Gazette, September 5), Conservative Malvern Hills district councillor Melanie Baker sought to distance herself from the issue he had raised. However, by doing so she cannot draw fire from her party leadership cohorts.

Trust in council will continue to deteriorate

1:34pm Tuesday 23rd September 2014

GIVEN the constant stream of letters about the dubious and undemocratic behaviour of the Conservative-controlled Malvern Hills District Council, one has to ask at what point its leadership will arrive at the realisation that it is a public body, and is supposed to administer services and finances on behalf of all the residents of the Malvern Hills District, not only the council's leadership?

Coat of arms is no mystery

Ledbury Reporter: (10156169)

11:15am Tuesday 23rd September 2014

PROFESSOR Basil Jarvis (Mystery of 200-year-old coat of arms, September 12) is confused.

Such good rugby at Ledbury, but why not more supporters?

10:57am Tuesday 23rd September 2014

OVER the weekend I spent some time at Ledbury Rugby Club watching entertaining competitive matches.

In praise of the beauty of wind turbines

1:57pm Monday 22nd September 2014

I READ with some dismay about another Nimby protest against proposed wind turbines spoiling the natural beauty of the landscape (Gazette, September 19).

Most of us know in our hearts what happens to the animals who come to our tables

1:51pm Monday 22nd September 2014

JON Burgess (letters September 19) has a strange attachment to war-like terms.

Why did TV ignore hill climb at the Wyche?

1:43pm Monday 22nd September 2014

CAN anyone tell us – perhaps the economic development manager at Malvern Hills District Council – why, after all the newspaper promotion, highway closure hassle and expense of policing the Tour of Britain cycle race section through Malvern, including the first major climb of the day at the the Wyche, was completely ignored by ITV4 and the BBC regional news?

I don't care how they dress; it's what they say that counts

1:39pm Monday 22nd September 2014

THANK you to those councillors who made a gargantuan effort to induce the leadership of Malvern Hills District Council to act openly and democratically at the full council meeting on the night of September 2.

If he'd read website he'd know that I resigned

1:29pm Monday 22nd September 2014

I REFER to Les Williamson's letter (Gazette, September 5).

Getting familiar with the constitution

1:04pm Monday 22nd September 2014

DURING a recent complaint into alleged breaches of Malvern Hills District Council’s constitution by senior district councillors, the independent investigator (Stephen Hind) found that there are few if any elected members who know much of the detail of their constitution.

Anti-Tory protest split the vote

1:00pm Monday 22nd September 2014

WHERE in the world would you find so-called ‘local’ government ruled by autocracy, tyranny, dictatorship and totalitarianism?

Our view to the hills is at risk

Ledbury Reporter: (10156169)

11:00am Monday 22nd September 2014

Mr and Mrs Cale were absolutely right, in their letter of last week, to sound the alarm in connection with the lamentable proposal from Ker Homes to build 95 houses on a field to the south of Upper Welland Road. Such a scheme would entail a permanent loss of amenity in terms of the open countryside, and, as their letter states, the infrastructure is not in place to support such a crass, large-scale development within the designated AONB. The views to and from the hills would be permanent lost, not least for the large number of annual visitors to St Wulstan's Church and the Elgar burial site - indeed, Sir Edward must be turning in his grave! It is equally clear that the relative small community of Upper Welland would tend to be swamped by the building of such an extensive estate on its doorstep.

Let us know what's happening in London

Ledbury Reporter: (10156169)

9:51am Saturday 20th September 2014

THANKS for your advert in the Gazette about the Tall Ships Festival. I spent a great weekend in London with my daughter Ayesha.

At least we don't have giant ditches!

11:39am Friday 19th September 2014

THE whingers who complain about a few missing cobbles in Church Lane had better not visit the beautiful city of Freiburg in the Black Forest, Germany, where open medieval ditches measuring a couple of feet wide run alongside the cobbled pavements in the cobbled main streets necessitating pedestrians to actually watch where they are walking, and doing a wonderful job of preventing parking on the pavement.

Has this council got its priorities all wrong?

4:47pm Thursday 18th September 2014

AT Malvern District Council's executive committee the majority voted to allocate up to £30,000 for the purchase of a new sound and recording system for the council chamber.

What anti-social parking!

12:07pm Thursday 18th September 2014

I AM interested to see more letters about the extremely difficult parking situation in parts of Malvern and to read the county highways department’s brush-off of the residents of Richmond Road.

Theatre parking changes are so unfair

7:05pm Tuesday 16th September 2014

WE went to the theatre in Malvern and were appalled to find that the two car parks next to the theatre now have a two-hour limit that seems to extend into the evening.

My friend's hospital op disappointment

7:02pm Tuesday 16th September 2014

A FRIEND of mine was admitted to Worcestershire Royal Hospital to have his appendix out. He has been suffering with the pain now for two years, so I was glad when he said it was finally being removed so he would no longer be in pain.

Thanks for all the donations to rescue centre

6:54pm Tuesday 16th September 2014

PENNY Ha' Penny Horse and Pony Rescue would like to express our gratitude to all the staff and shoppers at Morrisons in Malvern.

I welcome Sainsbury's coming to Malvern Vale

6:48pm Tuesday 16th September 2014

REGARDING people not wanting Sainsbury's to come to Malvern Vale.

Amnesty gig was a great night

1:28pm Tuesday 16th September 2014

MALVERN had a real treat on September 13 when Ray Mytton and his band Zenarcheray and the support team played to an enthusiastic audience.

Chase school handled difficult day so well

1:24pm Tuesday 16th September 2014

I wish to praise Richard Jacobs, headmaster of the Chase School, his staff and the police for the amazing way in which they handled the worrying events of September 8.

Chief executive decision show contempt for councillors and voters

6:43pm Monday 15th September 2014

TORY councillors have decided – on your behalf – that Malvern Hills District Council would share a chief executive with Wychavon District Council.

I was so saddened to hear calls for Ledbury's mayor to stand down

1:44pm Monday 15th September 2014

I LIVE over the boundary in Gloucestershire, but always consider Ledbury as the place I support with its vibrancy and generosity of spirit at all public events when huge numbers of volunteers become involved in promoting the best of the town.

Council walk-out was a farce

9:52am Friday 12th September 2014

Sir - About the recent MHDC Council Meeting; I would like to know how much the meeting cost us as taxpayers. Do the councillors not think that they are accountable to us?

Report on care home was so unfair

3:06pm Wednesday 10th September 2014

I WAS very surprised to read the criticism of the Chace Rest Home in the Gazette (August 29).

Carry On Up The Council (episode one)

4:45pm Tuesday 9th September 2014

WITH new laws in place to allow recording of council meetings I knew from the outset that Tuesday's meeting would be a comedy of errors.

Is it right to have a tiger chase a butterfly?

4:39pm Tuesday 9th September 2014

I FIND the television advertisement for a Bosch vacuum cleaner featuring a tiger chasing a butterfly utterly repugnant (http://vimeo.com/84978855).

What they agreed is not what we're going to get

3:42pm Tuesday 9th September 2014

WELL, we now have proof positive that what councillors agreed at a meeting was not what was enacted consequently.

£1.53. The price of your vote?

3:03pm Tuesday 9th September 2014

THE postman had left a card to say that there was a letter to collect but there was £1.53 postage to pay.

Sling Lane project has been so badly managed

4:56pm Monday 8th September 2014

WITH regard to the Sling Lane playing fields and Newtown football club laying the blame on Railtrack, the culvert always flooded long before work started and it is questionable anyway as to whether this has anything to do with Railtrack.

Why are they even considering building on 'the sponge'?

3:25pm Monday 8th September 2014

Sling Lane Fields act as a sponge, filtering rainwater from the Malvern Hills into the Whiteacres Brook.

Drab Worcester, lovely Malvern

11:15am Monday 8th September 2014

Sir - My daughter has recently moved to Great Malvern and I would like to say what a beautiful little place this is, so many lovely little shops.

Have they ducked the Ice Bucket Challenge?

6:56pm Friday 5th September 2014

I NOTICE from my perusal of Facebook that councillors David Hughes and Paul Swinburn have been challenged to undertake the ice bucket douche.

Does Malvern Hills council really put people before politics?

5:21pm Sunday 31st August 2014

WHILE one should congratulate Chris O'Donell, the latest Conservative district councillor for the Wells ward, one should also question the observations of David Hughes, Conservative leader of Malvern Hills District Council.

Need for more consideration on the Malvern Hills

1:47pm Sunday 31st August 2014

ON behalf of the many considerate off-road cyclists who enjoy the hills I would like to apologise to a previous letter writer who had a bad experience when walking recently.

Malvern Wells by-election win was hollow victory

1:44pm Sunday 31st August 2014

I CONGRATULATE Chris O’Donnell on her victory in the Wells by-election.

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