COUNCILLORS fear accidents will happen after serious flooding on the recreation ground due to overflowing sumps.

The flooding, which includes the skate park, is causing great concern among Ledbury town councillors.

The fear is that, if residual mud causes an accident or raises other health and safety issues, the town council, which owns the site, could be liable to legal action.

The matter was raised at the Environment and Leisure Committee in the Market House and the finger of blame is being pointed at two soak-away sump drains on the skate park which, it appears, are not connected to the main drains and overflow in periods of heavy rain.

Coun Keith Francis said the matter of the sumps required investigation.

He said: “There have been a number of occasions when it has flooded so badly, half the play area and the skate park have been unusable for 10 days, and the flooding has left a lot of mud in the skate park and the play area.”

The last serious flood was before Christmas, but Coun Francis added he inspected the sumps a couple of weeks ago and found that one was very clogged with dead leaves and mud and that water in another was just one foot below surface level.

Coun Martin Eager said: “This has been a problem year after year and we need some form of underground drainage channel there.”

But Coun Clive Jupp said: “You could spend an awful lot of money and get nowhere.”

Coun Francis added: “I am concerned that we may be liable if the mud is left there and we do nothing about it.

“We need to keep a close eye on this.”

Town councillors have agreed to monitor the situation.