EDUCATION Secretary Michael Gove has announced that GCSEs will not be scrapped in favour of a new English Baccalaureate (EBacc) qualification that would not include arts-based subjects.

The EBacc was to be brought in 2015, consisting of five qualifications in English, mathematics, science, languages (ancient and modern) and humanities (history and geography). 

The Hereford Times today reported that Hereford College of Arts hit out at the planned changes and, along with other specialist art institutions across the country, campaigned for a sixth-tier qualification that covers arts-based subjects as part of the EBacc.

But, Mr Gove has now said that the plans, which would have involved a single exam board offering a new exam in each subject were a 'bridge too far' 

However, he said that he would press ahead with moves to reduce the role played by coursework in qualifications at 16 after saying that modules encourage "bite-sized learning and spoon-feeding".

He will also reaffirm his intention to reform the national curriculum.