HEREFORDSHIRE College of Technology (HCT) students had the chance to sample one of the world's best recording facilities when they visited Peter Gabriel's studios.

Those undertaking music technology courses visited Real World studios in Box, near Bath, to enhance their knowledge of professional music production.

Tutors Dan Armstrong and Jason Harris took two tracks with them, created by students Luke Davies and Lewis Hackett, that they mixed at the Wiltshire studio – owned by the former Genesis singer, who has had a hugely successful solo career with albums such as 1989’s platinum-selling So.

“We have run the visit for a couple of years and have built up a nice relationship with the people at Real World,” said Dan.

“We started off doing a musical competition for original compositions that we thought were produceable.

“We took on the role of listening to all the submissions and choosing two that we could take down to the studio to mix.

“It’s a stunning facility.

"It's huge, like a gymnasium. When the students walked into the room their jaws hit the floor.”

Even though they did not meet the currently on-tour Peter Gabriel, the students weren't too far away from the stardust the industry revels in.

“From what I understand Robert Plant was in the next room.

We did not get to see him but he was definitely walking around the grounds,” added Dan, a former UB40 producer. “Charlie Simpson, who was in Busted, was also down there with his new band Fightstar.”

Now the intention is to get the tracks some air play.

“They are too good to be sitting there and we will do our best to generate interest,” said Dan.