TWO wind turbines could be built on a farm near Ross-on-Wye.

George Jones has applied to have the devices - which will measure 2.8m to the tip of the blade - sited at his Great Howle Farm in Howle Hill.

A smaller turbine already exists within a farmhouse at the 400 acre farm, but according to the design, environmental and access statement, Mr Jones is "seeking to control the cost of energy used by the various facets of the property, while at the same time contributing positively to the thrust of Government policy in respect of renewable energy."

The statement adds that Mr Jones' preferred option is the Gaia 133 turbine, which is capable of producing in excess of 30,000kwhrs per year.

A generation of 60,000kwhrs of renewable energy equates to an annual saving of 31.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

"While it is inevitable that the views of individuals are going to differ on the merits or otherwise of structures, such as a wind turbine, the Gaia 133 on a tubular tower is considered to offer an aesthetically acceptable solution for the particular circumstances of this site," the statement reads.

It also says that noise levels would be kept to a minimum and the major components of the turbine are not exceptional in size.

"The turbine is a simple, but specialist piece of equipment requiring attention only by those qualified to do so," adds the statement.

"Members of the public will only be permitted access to the site after the turbine has been commissioned, but only with the specific permission of the application which may not necessarily be granted."