LEOMINSTER Town Council is in search of a new councillor.

Following the resignation of councillor Benson Ferrari, a casual vacancy arose for the position and electors had until January 10 to make a request for a by-election.

However, since there was no call for an election by the community the town council now has to co-opt a new councillor.

Any interested person wishing to be considered must be 18 years or over and live within the statutory boundaries of the parish of Leominster or the statutory margin given to qualify.

If in doubt, interested parties can check with the town clerk.

You can write a letter to the Town Clerk at 17 West Street, Leominster HR68EP or email townclerk@leominstretowncouncil.gov.uk no later that midday on 12 February, stating what strengths you believe you can bring to the town council.

Candidates will then be invited to the meeting of the town council on February 17 when they will be asked to make a short address to the council on what they can offer.

Some questions will be made and the town council will then vote on the candidates.