MEMORIES, stories and sorrows were shared when a group of former RAF Hereford Boy Entrants reunited after 50 years earlier this month.

Also known as RAF Credenhill, the site was the training camp for the boy entrants and January 22 1964 saw the last group – the 51st Boy Entrants – sign their name to the scheme that had been operating since before the Second World War.

On that same date earlier this month, those former boy entrants came together once again at the Three Counties Hotel in Hereford.

Frank Seery, one of the attendees, said: "It was fantastic. The majority of us hadn’t met up for 50 years but the bond of our 18 months in Hereford felt like a couple of weeks ago.

"People were all different shapes and sizes and it was fascinating to hear about a lot of the guys who have carried on and had really good careers in the RAF.

"Everyone is now spread across the county but we’ve reconnected on emails and Facebook and are having another anniversary in July to mark the date we passed out.

"We have a great affection for Hereford – it was our first experience into the adult world of work."

"We were rather upset that we could not visit our old camp at Credenhill but there are gentlemen up there with machine guns so storming the camp would not be a good idea, especially since we are all in our mid-sixties."

The boys would have been aged 15 or 16 when they entered back in 1964 and sadly, some are no longer here today.

They were remembered during a special, “moving” ceremony at the reunion.