A HEREFORD-based breast support cancer charity is serving up a tasty treat to help sufferers and raise funds.

The Haven is launching its own seasonal recipe book – The Haven in your Kitchen – which will help people undergoing breast cancer treatment as well as those who just want to eat more healthily.

It includes almost 100 recipes and is packed full of expert knowledge to improve the everyday diet.

Sarah Lumley, The Haven’s nutritionist, said: “Health issues can arise when nutrients you need are missing from your diet on a regular basis. Spending a little time on healthy meal planning will help improve your nutrient levels, boost your sense of wellbeing and have a beneficial effect on your overall health.

“Healthy eating needn’t mean tasteless, boring meals. Food is one of the most important medicines, and an easy yet effective way to contribute positively to your overall wellbeing. At The Haven, we believe no one has to compromise on flavour for healthy ingredients, and that food preparation, cooking, (and particularly eating), should all be enjoyable.”

As well as a colourful healthy eating guide – which covers percentage recommendations for fruit, vegetables, fat, protein and carbohydrates – the cookbook also includes a handy store room guide for what to buy-in for your go-to cupboard essentials.

Recipes are also colour-coded by season, making it easy to keep track of what’s available each month whilst providing that extra bit of seasonal variety to your menu.

Recipes include everything from The Haven green juice, perfect porridge, winter salad, beef and prune casserole, Thai-style sussels and Earl Grey fruitcake.

The Haven in Your Kitchen cookbook will be free for all visitors – who are registered – to The Hereford Haven from January 30, and available through The Haven’s website for a suggested donation of £10.

The cookbook is the sister publication of ‘The Haven’s Guide to Healthy Eating’.