A TAXI driver lost out on more than a fare when he took a group from Leominster to Hereford on Saturday evening.

The 46-year-old male driver picked up five people from the town’s railway station at 7.50pm before driving the group to Hereford.

As the taxi travelled along Holmer Road, a women passenger complained she felt ill. Eventually, she asked the taxi driver to stop on Edgar Street so she could get out to be sick.

But when the taxi stopped, all five individuals jumped out and made off without payment.

Police say that although four of the people sprinted away from the scene, one man calmly walked away.

The taxi driver caught up with him and asked him to pay the taxi fare but the man refused.

The man then demanded money from the taxi driver and forced him to hand over £30 in cash from his wallet by threatening him.

Once he had the £30 the man then ran off from the victim at speed down Edgar Street towards the BP garage.

The victim describes the man who took his money as being white, in his mid 30s, 5ft 8inches tall, of a medium build with light, short ginger hair and a ginger beard.

The victim also believes he was wearing a pale blue coat.

Anyone with information can call police on 101 with incident number 699S 080213.