ENGLISH Heritage (EH) will not be listing the site pitched as Hereford’s future fire station.

An EH assessment out today (Wed) says the former working boys home in Bath Street – now the county offices – is not of “sufficient architectural quality” to merit listed status.

The decision is a blow to heritage campaigners fighting to save the site sale and demolition.

At a meeting hosted by Hereford Civic Society (HCS)  this week, heritage campaigners re-inforced their readiness for that fight, putting their faith in a listing application made to EH.

Cash-strapped Herefordshire Council  is keen on selling the site to Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service for a much-needed new fire station for Hereford.

In a letter confirming its decision, EH outlined the reasons for rejection as follows:

* Architectural quality: although the building is designed by well-known local architects and exhibits
architectural quality, the original building has been altered and significantly extended, and despite attempts
to unify the buildings through the use of matching materials and details, the 1902 additions are Palladian
rather than Domestic Revival in style and contrast with the earlier buildings, and there are some
insensitive mid-C20 additions to the rear;

* Planning interest: the building has evolved over time and it lacks cohesion;

* Alteration: whilst it has claims to historic interest as a former working boys’ home, evidence of how the
building functioned has been eroded by later alteration, particularly to the interior where the original plan
form and circulation are no longer legible and the function of the different elements has been lost.

Conclusion: the local architectural and historic interest of the former Working Boys’ Home in Hereford is
recognised by its inclusion in a conservation area. However, the building is not sufficiently intact or of
sufficient architectural quality to merit statutory designation.