A COUNTY youth organisation is offering an alternative to the live music scene that several people believe Herefordshire is missing out on.

The Hereford Times reported last month that several people believe that Herefordshire is missing out on live music because of its licensing policies.

Current licensing policies mean that only people aged 18 plus are able to attend such events where alcohol is served, so youngsters are unable to either play in gigs or go to them.

But youth organisation Close House is offering something a little different for those too young to attend gigs in pubs or clubs.

Organiser and youth worker, Christ Butts, said: "The first event took place in October 2013. We applied for funding from Children in Need with the mission of giving young people stuff to do in the evenings. We felt there was nothing good and safe to do in Hereford and we were successful in that funding.

"Charlotte – another youth worker – and I started to speak to some of the young people that come along and they suggested that there wasn’t any type of music scene in Hereford so we talked to them and several really took to it.

"That year we had four bands and this year we're planning something similar but with an acoustic duo in addition."

This year's event – Feedback – takes place on Tuesday (February 18) during half term and features young bands from across the county.

It will be at the Jailhouse from 7pm until 10.30pm and is specifically for those aged 18 and under.

Young local bands Ways Away, Another Band, Static Tides, Faultline and acoustic duo Whispers will be playing at the event.

Chris added: "I fully agree that there are very limited outlets for young musicians to play in and it's really difficult in pubs due to licensing. There are however, people putting in steps to try and give something more for young musicians. Hereford College of Arts have started doing band nights as well.

"We want to let people know that there are things going on – they might just be under the radar."