FLIPPING the old adage about eating carrots, a Hereford optician is offering a new form of contact lens you wear in dark, can help you see in the day.

And the Overnight Vision Correction (OVC) lenses have already proved a huge help to teenager Emelia Rogers, whose eyesight had deteriorated to the point where she could no longer play sport without glasses.

Emelia, a sport-loving thirteen-year-old from Hereford, now wears the lenses every night and by morning wakes up with 20/20 vision.

It’s quite the turnaround; having worn glasses since the age of three, Emelia’s short sightedness worsened dramatically over the last 12 months.

Her mum, Justine Rogers said: “Emelia really enjoys playing sport but was often anxious about being hit with a ball or falling over when wearing her glasses.”

Her opticians BBR Optometry advised OVC lenses, which work by applying gentle pressure to the cornea while you sleep to correct short sightedness.

The lenses only flatten the cornea the equivalent of a hairs width, but it alters the angle enough to correct the eye for at least 36 hours.

“It sounded like the ideal solution,” said Justine.

“Not only would it solve the issue of glasses affecting Emelia’s sport but it would also slow down the deterioration of her eyesight.”

The lenses, made from a highly oxydgen permeable material, are tailor made for each patient using computerised eye mapping software.

And once that mapping is done, the cost is comparable to daily disposable lenses,

The technique is helped by the gentle pressure applied by the patients closed eyelids as they sleep, and this method of constant correction has proved particularly effective for individuals with worsening short-sightedness.

BBR optometrist Darran Stuckey said: “OVC is the result of a long established and well researched technique for correcting eyesight known as orthokeratology or ‘Ortho-K’.

“Emelia is one of a group of patients that has used OVC for six months now and all follow up appointments have confirmed positive results.”

Following her daughter’s six-month appointment, Justine said the family could not be happier with the results of OVC.

She said: “Emelia is so pleased with the results– not only does she enjoy sport more without having to worry about her glasses, the lenses have also slowed her prescription.

“We would definitely recommend the treatment to anyone who is short sighted, mainly due to the fact the lenses completely perfect your eyesight whilst you sleep, allowing you to enjoy the day with 20/20 vision.”

For further information about OVC please contact the St Owens Street practice on 01432 265 030 or visit the practice website www.bbroptometry.co.uk