A HEREFORD man has been sentenced to 30 months in prison after being caught with less than £50 in drugs.

Wayne Gwynne, of Holme Lacy Road, was caught with small “wraps” of cannabis and heroin in Hereford's Cathedral Close last April - just weeks after being handed a suspended sentence.

Hereford Crown Court heard he was again arrested in July for possession of cocaine and heroin – with a street value of £30.

Mr Gwynne had a “voracious appetite for drugs” and “significant previous convictions”, Michael Aspinall, defending told the court last Friday.

He had since made efforts to treat his addiction – his methadone dosage had been reduced from 140ml to 65ml – but Gwynne failed several of his recent drug tests, having ‘topped up’ his prescription with heroin.

“He was a great user who is on his way to becoming a non-user,” said Mr Aspinall.

Judge Toby Hooper said: “Within a week of me giving you the golden opportunity of a suspended sentence, you committed possession.

“A vast public expense has been lavished upon you . You were assessed as lacking any motivation and now of an insufficient turnaround.

“You haven’t done enough.”

Gwynne, 31, was sentenced to three four-month sentences for possession of a Class A substance (cocaine and heroin, twice) and a two-month sentence for possession of a Class B substance (cannabis).

A 16-month suspended sentence was also activated, with two months deducted from the total for time already served in custody.