THE county’s new university project is to host a public meeting this Saturday (April 5) to tease out “hidden talent”.

Pitched as a project briefing, the meeting will outline progress made and parts that “hidden talent” could play in future.

Project leader Karen Usher said: “We are increasingly confident that a new university in Herefordshire is a possibility.  With a team of over 40 volunteers now helping drive the project, we are accelerating towards our ambitious target of being open for students in 2017. 

“As the project grows we are keen to involve more Herefordians. We are calling on Herefordshire’s ‘hidden talent’ to lend us a hand in whatever way excites their interests or enthusiasms.”

The meeting is set for The Starlight Room, Hereford United,  from 10:00 to 12:00.

On the agenda is:

• An update the community on the plans and progress of the project.

• Outlines of the benefits to residents and businesses in Herefordshire.

• The university’s likely impact on  job prospects, wage levels and life chances.

• The project’s potential to  transform the social and economic prospects of the county.

• Ways in which businesses and residents can become involved.

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