IT arrived on Sunday, like a long-necked dinosaur from Jurassic Park, and only stayed until Tuesday when, its work all done, it lumbered away from Ledbury forever.

But in the day and a half this massive crane was on St Katherine's car park, lifting the heavy roof supports from the great medieval building, it provided a spectacle and a talking point for passers by, especially the young and the young at heart.

Jessica Worlock, the heritage and volunteer co-ordinator for the Master's House project has sent in these remarkable images, to show the impressive scale of the operations which, not only went to plan, but were carried out far more quickly than anyone imagined.

She said: "The crane generated considerable interest from passers-by, especially mothers with young boys! Now the crane has left and won’t be returning.

"The scaffold removal team will continue to use the small area they have cordoned off at the end of the car park to enable the scaffolding removal to continue. The patience and understanding of the public was most appreciated on Tuesday morning in particular, as the crane had to do the finishing working from a more central position in the car park.

She added:"Luckily this was done as quickly as possible and the crane was on its way."

So fears that the top end of St Katherine's car park could be closed for a fortnight, for a crane to work on the Master's House project, have proved to be unfounded, thanks to such speedy work.

Herefordshire Council put out an official press release last week, warning that a large crane was to come on site and that the top end of the car park could be shut for at least two weeks, starting on Monday, April 7.

One day on, on Tuesday, April 8, the big crane was finishing its work.

The Master's House renovation is a £3m project to give the town a new library and community hub.

Herefordshire Council communications officer, Michelle Morgan said: "The crane took one day. That's really good news!"

The new library could be open as soon as the winter.