THE FUNERAL has taken place of a former Ledbury lady who was well known as a champion of abandoned dogs, especially greyhounds.

Mrs Mathilda Harvey, aged 88, died in a care home at Hemel Hempstead on March 30, and her funeral took place on Monday, April 14, at the Chilterns Crematorium.

But for 24 years, from 1987, she was a familiar figure around Ledbury, walking her rescued dogs.

Her son, Kevin Harvey said: "She not only championed the cause of rescuing dogs but also became a champion herself at the West of England Greyhound Association Show winning prizes for one of her rescued dogs, Angel.

"Angel was nursed back to health by my mother after being abandoned on the streets and losing a leg in a car accident. She was also featured on TV talking about her rescued dogs."

In fact, in 2000 Angel was a national finalist in the Brave Pet of the Year (Willing and Giving) awards,

and Angel was also a familiar and popular sight at collections for Greyhound Rescue.

Mr Harvey continued: "My mother's many friends and acquaintances in Ledbury will be saddened to hear of her death but the family will be arranging for her ashes to be buried in her own mother's grave in Ledbury cemetery and will place an announcement in the Ledbury Reporter when a date for that has been fixed to allow her Ledbury friends to attend and pay their respects."