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Live blog: Major inquiry into Hereford link road begins today

Last updated:

    The inquiry got under way at 10am this morning.
  • It is expected to last around eight days, taking place at the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford.
  • It follows objection to compulsory purchase orders issued by Herefordshire Council in relation to the proposed city-centre link road.


bobby47 9:11pm Wed 23 Apr 14
Lovely! Ain't that a little sweetener. Just when you think things can't get any worse because of this pointless road to nowhere which is only a route to feed this new beast of a retail zone, those who lie upon its path are now described as 'low value' and even better still, 'unsightly land users'.
Good Lord! Say what you think won't you! Kick them when they're down! Good grief. Why not tell them they are stinkers, they've got headlice and this City would be a whole lot better off if they cleared off and presented their unsightly low value selves to some other eyes that are prepared to tolerate their unpleasantness.
Score: 7
bobby47 9:09am Thu 24 Apr 14
Minus bloody four. Im two thousand miles away, I rarely contribute upon here nowadays and I've hit minus bloody four. Worse still, Im the only contributor thus far which suggests that Im as popular as Ricketts.
Well it doesn't bother me. I'll be damned if this latest setback and kick in the teeth drives me to the local ale house to talk gibberish with folk I don't know, cannot understand and have no idea of how close Liverpool are to winning the league.
Do your worst. Me record is Minus thirty nine and that's low.
Score: 6
Herefordian07 11:14am Thu 24 Apr 14
Dear Bobby you are sadly missed by the faithful, I always find it charming when councillors take a high handed attitude to small family businesses that provide excellent service and value for money to their loyal customers, the money made by their trade is generally spent locally unlike the gorgons now coming to fleece us and take their profits back to head office or even abroad, don't worry about the thumbs down I could care less, my hide is bullet proof so a thumb isn't going to hurt one jot! All hail to you majesty.
Score: 4
Grid Knocker 12:35pm Thu 24 Apr 14
Is it an indictable offence, I wonder, to tell porkies to a government Inspector?

Because on the opening day of this carefully-kept secret Inquiry, one expert witness told the Inspector that the Link Road to Nowhere was needed to 'open up' brown field land which was urgently needed for housing, much of which would be affordable (I paraphrase). Sadly, no-one cross-examined this Pinnochio person to ask what was wrong with using under-used Lower Widemarsh Street as the 'feeder road' into and out of the much-vaunted Urban Village. Another road is an unnecessary extravagence. It will destroy local businesses, lose jobs, generate more noise and pollution and cost way more than the estimated £25-million.
Score: 5
redyoll 1:20pm Thu 24 Apr 14
Ah but I think I read somewhere that the proposed link road plan blocks off access to these brownfield sites therefore blocking any hope of house development.
Score: 4
billy wizz 2:40pm Tue 29 Apr 14
well tim jones I for one am fuming your ill judged comments I find insulting !!!
we as a company have traded for 37 years on widemarsh street , paying our rates and giving income to local people and services. if you and your like at the council had once in the last ten years got off your backsides and come and spoke to us instead our phone calls have been ignored . we have plans in our office from 2008 showing us staying put , but through the total failure of the council we do not know if we are coming or going , so investment in our premises would be fool hardy . if we had run our company the same as the council we would have gone to the wall years ago. so I invite mr tim jones down to disscuss our options, which will be more than anyone from the council has done in the past decade.also you may like to pop in next door to Hereford glass who has had the same total inept response from the council, no offers no contact and no help from the council just snide comments from mr tim jones.
Score: 4

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