INTERNET jobs sites may mean there is no real need for a town jobs fair anymore, according to a local councillor.

Coun Chris Ridler spoke out at the recent annual town meeting, where he said that online sites like the "Show Me Ledbury" website were "a much better way of helping people to find work".

He added: "I can't tell you if the last jobs fair was a success, as we gathered no information as to how many people got jobs. I suppose you could argue it is not an area the town council should get involved in."

He said that, in recent years, the number of companies attending the jobs fair, which is organised by the town council "has been falling".

He added: "The larger companies don't seem to what to know."

Coun Jayne Robert, who was a key player in setting up the jobs fairs in Ledbury, several years ago, said average attendance had been about one hundred people.

But she added: "A lot of people, when questioned, didn't know why they were coming. We were just trying to point them in the right direction."

A lot of the callers-in were curious younger people, who are usually familiar with modern technology.

Coun Roberts said: "We didn't have a lot of older people looking for jobs."

Like Coun Ridler, Coun Roberts wondered whether the Ledbury Jobs Fair had now "run its course".