AN historic Ledbury Lane, re-named "Beatles Lane" because if its "Daytripper" missing cobbles, may soon be restored.

Coun Tony Bradford, who thought up the "Beatles Lane" pun, because of the poor state of Church Lane, is to meet with officials from Herefordshire Council contractor, Balfour Beatty on Friday, May 23, to discuss a possible plan.

The proposed work would require a nod from the council and Balfour Beatty, before it could go ahead.

Coun Bradford said he had been in talks with a local craftsman who is capable of restoring the cobbled lane to a high standard, and that the work would be done for free, at no cost to the public purse.

Coun Bradford said: "It is a goodwill gesture for the community, for which I am so grateful,

"I've been going on for years about the state of the cobbles, and eventually something may be done. If we can get Herefordshire Council to agree, my next move will be Tilly's Lane, once we get the ball rolling."

Tilley's Lane is an area that used to be extensively cobbled.

The contractor Coun Bradford has talked to does not wish to be named, because he is yet to inspect Church Lane and he offered to help not for publicity but the benefit of the town.

However, he told the Ledbury Reporter: "I would be willing to give a few days work for the community."

If all goes to plan, the work will solve a problem that was first identified by the Ledbury Civic Society in 2007.

Seven years ago the Society was calling for restoration, and for cobbles to be re-laid, because contractors had used modern light-coloured cement for some repairs.

Speaking at the time, Civic Society trustee, Mary Winfield said: "It looks dreadful in a prime area of a town that is of European importance."

Medieval Church Lane is a favourite with tourists and it is also a popular calendar scene.