LEDBURY residents will have the chance to give their views on the proposed neighbourhood plan from next Saturday (June 7).

The plan is intended to give the community a greater voice on issued including new housing, attracting employment and sustaining a vibrant high street.

The plan is being produced by Ledbury Town Council assisted by consultants Foxley Tagg Planning Ltd.

Town mayor Councillor Bob Barnes said: "The neighbourhood plan is a high level planning document which can allocate sites for specific uses and against which future planning applications in Ledbury will be assessed.

“This means the plan has real teeth and can make a genuine difference to the future development of Ledbury."

This consultation will add to the information gathered in the recent and well-supported town plan questionnaire,

the first results of which will be available on Saturday (June 7) at St Katherine's Hall.

The consultation period will go on for eight weeks, and residents can get involved by filling in the Imagine Ledbury leaflet which has been distributed to every household, or sending their views to the town council.

They are also invited to community consultation events on Saturday, June 21, at the community hall from 11am to 4pm and Wednesday, July 2, at St Katherine’s Hall from 4pm to 8pm.