MANY lovebirds choose Caribbean beaches or hidden country retreats as their ideal post-wedding venues - but one couple have their eyes on a lamp post on the Castle Green.

Lee Miles and Michelle Hurcombe, both 36, are tying the knot on June 21 – the date which marks the summer solstice.

The day is special to the couple, who both follow the Wiccan rede, as it is the day they first bound - Wiccan tradition.

And after tying the knot next month the couple will return to lamp post 2405 on the Castle Green. The site marks the spot where they first kissed - and they will make their way there for a special blessing performed by Michelle’s dad.

“It was a joint idea. We have both been married before and it’s something completely unique to our relationship,” Lee explained.

"We are going to have a small wedding but the blessing side of it is more important to us because we wanted to do it on summer solstice because that’s the date we bound – it's more of a spiritual thing for us."

Michelle's dad will deliver the reading.

"He has written all his own wording – we haven't heard what he'll be saying yet,” Lee said.
“But he's a fantastic speaker – the kind of person that could tell you how sellotape works and have you hooked for hours. He's obviously given me permission to marry his daughter and it will be blessing our relationship."

But it has taken a long wait reach the perfect day.

“We have been planning the wedding for about four years. I work at Blackmarston School so we have been waiting for summer solstice to fall on a Saturday,” Lee said.

The couple, who first met at Whitecross High School, were reunited in 2007.

“When we left school we went our separate ways,”

Lee added. “Michelle got married and was living in Germany. She had a stroke and was also diagnosed with MS and her marriage broke up.”

The pair were reunited after a mutual friend visited the same hospital where Michelle was being treated in Germany. Michelle returned to Hereford where Lee aided her recovery and they fell in love.