FOUR hundred care clients who cost Herefordshire Council £10m a year won’t lose out on funding for places in nursing and residential homes.

But the future for new clients needing such payments lies with a council cabinet decision due next week.

Changes are proposed to prices the council pays for places in residential and nursing homes where clients qualify for council funding.

There are currently some 400 residents eligible for such payments which are covered by the council at a cost of about £10 million a year.

Within the county, over two thirds of those who live in a residential or nursing home pay their own fees.

The council has confirmed ahead of  cabinet next Thursday (June 12) that new prices, if approved, will only apply to new clients.

Current clients can, the council says, stay on their existing rates.

Pricing policy has been under review over the past 12 months. That review took in a range of factors from the cost of living to what similar authorities paid for care.

The review recommends weekly fees for residential and dementia care rise from £445.89 to £451.75, and nursing homecare comes down from £570.24 to £518.

Nursing home care providers will also receive a further payment for funded nursing care from the NHS - currently £112.70 per week.

If approved, the new prices will be brought in by August.