A TALENTED musician who has attracted millions of viewers on YouTube returns for a homecoming show.

Former John Masefield High School student Dave Crowe spent time earlier this year touring America as one half of unique musical combo Heymoonshaker but he will found playing the Jailhouse in Hereford on Saturday, June14.

Even though he now enjoys a jet set lifestyle as a beat-boxer, Dave, whose mother Annette is a town councillor and owns the Past and Present jewellery business on the Homend, is looking relishing the chance to come back to Herefordshire.

He said: "It feels really nice nowadays, before it used to be restricting. I used to think that it was Herefordshire that was holding me back but I came to the realisation that in fact it was that I felt like I hadn't succeeded at home but I had in other countries.

"My insecurities got the better of me but now I'm a happy man so I love coming to visit."

The act's origins lie in New Zealand five years ago, when Dave first met guitarist Andy Balcon and Heymoonshaker came into being after another chance meeting in Sweden.

Now the self-funded band are in the position where they can and have turned down record and commercial deals, to allow their music to evolve the way they want it to.

Dave says he is looking forward to the Jailhouse gig "more than I can describe" because he grew up attending the Gaol Street venue and learned to beat-box within its walls.

"The first club that Lee and Murph (the owners of the Jailhouse) had was called Scream, and that's where I did my first solo beat-box show, 16 people came 15 of them were my friends."

As well as the gig, he is relishing the chance to see his parents house, savour a pint of Stowford Press cider and visit the Number One Sandwich Bar in Bye Street for a snack.

Dave's career in beat-boxing started as a hobby and the technique involves making rhythmic and drum-like sounds with the mouth.

He combines this with Andy's driving blues guitar and vocals to create an expansive and original sound which mixes bluegrass with street styles.

However, it was not his original chosen profession as Dave studied ballet and contemporary dance at Leeds University and he saw his future as a dancer until he suffered a bad knee injury during a performance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.